Center for Diploma and Certificates

Center For Diploma And Certificates


The Center for Diploma and Certificates (CDC) serves as the coordinating center for all teaching and examinations of diploma and certificate courses of the University. The courses under CDC serve as veritable instrument for inculcating the essence of self-sufficiency through the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills, instilling moral rectitude through moral and ethical studies, ensuring tolerance through studies in peace and conflict resolution; and educating the youth on the moral, cultural and historical perspectives of their society.

The establishment of the center as important as its courses are pre-requisites for admission into undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In close collaboration with business and industries, the University operates Entrepreneurship and Skills Development under the CDC in collaboration with the General Studies Department to engender the acquisition of practical skills and a better understanding of the rudiments of establishing and managing new businesses, devoting the necessary time and effort, assuming the accompanying financial, psychic, and social risks, and receiving rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence.

As a result of the growing need for entrepreneurship as a basic skill among graduates of universities, the International University of Languages has recommended that CDC should run certain projects that will enable undergraduates of the iUOL fit well into society. Thus, the entrepreneurship studies curricula are designed as part of the diploma and certificates courses with the objective of making graduates responsible, enterprising and capable of contributing to national economic development irrespective of their areas of specialization.

The Center for Diploma and Certificate which is a multi-disciplinary approach and is predicated on the principle of dignity of labor as it will provide work-study opportunities for students in addition to industrial training and internships with reputable industrial firms. The CDC also serves the purpose of creating an enabling environment for the sensitization of students for the need to imbibe a culture of acquiring an acute sense of entrepreneurship through research, seminars, and community service.

The Center is headed by a Director which is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and who is a technocrat in the area.

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