Directorate of General Studies

Directorate Of General Studies

General Studies

The Directorate of General Studies was established at the inception of the University to be the focal point for inculcating the spirit of self-reliance and providing for the cultural socialization needs of the students. The major objectives of the directorate include:

1.    Fostering the development of communication skills of students;

2.    Helping students to acquire the basic skills required for existence in a modern society;

3.    Coordinating the entrepreneurial education projects of the University;

4.    Promote the teaching and acquisition of proficiency in all other languages implored by the University in teaching and learning.

The Directorate of General Studies is in charge of minor degree/diploma/certificate programs, providing for the initiated Y-Courses (language courses) programs for the cultural socialization needs of the students and teaching of the University-wide general courses to all students in irrespective of their program of study.

The Directorate is offering required courses in all the operational languages, the humanities, social science including basic science courses. Courses under relevant unit of the directorate are intended to aid communication and understanding of the philosophy of the University of using native languages and social structure within which science and technology develop, and the relationship of the scientist with the society. General studies courses are aimed at producing graduates who can make their professions relevant to contemporary problems and the needs of their society. In addition to this, the Directorate of General Studies provides training at the minor-degree level in languages leading to the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates of iUOL.

The Directorate organizes and coordinates the Seminar Training Courses (STC) and Students’ Community Service (SCS) courses which are compulsorily by all students of iUOL irrespective of their program of study, as part of the University's determination to ensure that all its graduates acquire at least a working knowledge and experience in public engagements.

Objectives of the Programs of the Directorate of General Studies  

The directorate’s programs are expected to equip the students with the following:

1.  Instruction in English for academic purposes to students of various disciplines to the end they can learn and communicate more effectively in English as the first/official language of the University.

2.    Knowledge of African History, Society and Culture, for the understanding of the past and present, the peculiarities of the African political economy, the technological system and the problem of under-development.

3.    Knowledge of the African Cultural Identity, respect for moral norms and societal values in order to strengthen a sense of national awareness, loyalty, identity and unity.

4.    Knowledge of the structure of the economy and the process of employing scarce productive resources to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

5.    Orientation needed for the integration of scientific and technological knowledge for socio-economic development and improvement of the quality of life of citizens.

Units Under Directorate of General Studies

Y-Courses Unit

This unit handles the minor program of Y-Courses such as English, French, Arabic, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo.

Students’ Capacity Development Unit

This unit handles Seminar Training Courses (STC) and Students’ Community Service (SCS) courses which shall be taken by all students of the University irrespective of their course of study.

General Studies Courses Unit

This unit provides instruction of general knowledge in history, culture, and philosophy and social science. Instructions are provided also in sociology, accounting, economic, management and entrepreneurship.

The Directorate is headed by a Director which is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and who is a technocrat in the area.

The Directorate of General Studies can be contacted for onward inquiry through [email protected] +2318186988793 or general inquiry about iUOL at [email protected]. For mailing address please address letters to;


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