Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision Statements


Our mission is to integrate learning and research through an open system that implores the use of native languages of developing nations, in delivering the highest quality and standardized tertiary education that stands to eliminate socio-economic barriers and reach out to all class of people as it advances socio-economic growth.


We envision an open-virtual world class community, with satellite centers from around the world that are generally recognized institutions of higher learning, that enhances learning and research through the native languages of based nations. Thereby focusing students' learning experience or practical and applied research that excel in all fields of human endeavor. 


  1. To create a learning environment where students can find a compliment for all official instruction in their own native language.
  2. To create an enabling environment with accessible on-demand education and at the pace that best suits individual student.
  3. To create a student-centered academic environment that relies on academic rigor, core values and a philosophy of combating traditional learning with practical experience as it relates to any field of human endeavor.


In order to attain its goals, the University will be conducting teaching and research activities in the following areas; Arts and Humanities, Regular Science and Technology, Management Sciences and Social Sciences, Basic Medical Health Sciences as well as Information Technology. The Information Technology Department provides solid foundation for students before embarking in all other field of study as to know the approach to the 21st century world of technology; and also, to enable them have basis in approaching the e-learning system of the University. In addition, to address pressing educational problems bothering many developing countries, the University takes a responsibility of creating an enabling learning environment that will give an accessible education to all, and applies effective strategies to enhancing learning and research within technology mandates.